Ethical Waste Removal

In a world where almost everything comes from a bottle, bag or box, it is imperative that we dispose of these in an ethical way. There are many recycle points around, especially at fuel stations, local municipal offices, or local school.

Coupled with this, there are registered landfills which take all the waste from the city and surrounding areas. These landfills are carefully managed, controlled and policed by government departments and boards. They ensure that the correct treatment of waste is being done which allows the correct breakdown of material and limits intoxicating the earth.

There are many illegal dumping sites which have been popping up as some people try make a quick buck by charging people a small fee to dump on their property. These are not controlled or managed and therefore are not good for the environment.

So the next time you have someone in to remove waste for you, ask them if the waste is being ethically disposed of? At Easy Skips KZN we only dispose of your waste at registered sites.

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