Case Study - The Shop Fire:

Easy Skips KZN were called in on a job where a shop had caught alight overnight and all the stock, merchandise and equipment was destroyed. Our client needed to get all the damaged stock and equipment cleared up and disposed of as quickly as possible to allow them to redo the shop-fitting and get back up and running to continue their business.

Operating with urgency, we dispatched skips and vehicles to the site to assist. Shopping centers have low-level parking lots which was no issue for our mini skips – we could get into these tight spaces to place our skips right next to the shop. Easy Skips KZN worked tirelessly for 2 days to clear all the damaged items. We took the headache away from the shop owner so he could plan for the new store and re-opening.

Through adversity comes opportunity and we wish the owner and all their staff all the best with their new shop.

#miniskips #shoppingcenters #lowlevelparking

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